Watch Kate Winslet and Idris Elba’s steamy deleted scene from ‘Mountain Between Us’

You wouldn’t think an intimate scenes between attractive folks like Idris Elba and Kate Winslet would end up on the cutting-room floor, but at least one got cut. No worries, though — we got your back.

In this exclusive deleted scene from the romantic drama The Mountain Between Us (out today on Blu-ray and DVD, plus digital platforms such as iTunes), neurosurgeon Ben (Elba) and photojournalist Alex (Winslet) have already survived a plane crash on a snowy mountain and have holed up in a cave with Alex’s dog.

Sparks are flying between the two strangers, though, which is why Ben has a fantasy while both are asleep. He makes out with the naked Alex, though suddenly wakes up — and is then reminded that she’s on her way to getting married. (Don’t freak out! The scene is safe for work.).

The two do end up getting busy when they find a cabin later on in the movie, so it’s not all chaste. But this cut sequence sets the stage that at least Ben had some steaminess on his mind early on as well as survival.

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