Volkswagen mulls low-cost sub-brand in emerging nations

A vintage Volkswagen Beetle  drives in Colombo on June 24, 2012, during Volkswagen Day celebrations in Sri Lanka.

Remember when a Volkswagen Beetle was the ultimate low-cost economy car? VW may be ready to relive those days.

But not here. It is it thinking of creating a low-cost sub-brand by 2015 in emerging nations and Europe, not the U.S., Reuters reports.

How cheap? Try $6,500 to $12,900 for a model line that may come to include a minivan, wagon and small sedan.

“We’re regularly looking at new segments and interesting markets which also include so-called budget cars,” VW spokesman Eric Felber tells Reuters. “But a decision has not been taken yet.”.

VW would save money on the line by using older engine technology. There would be no frills, or what used to be considered frills, such as air conditioning or air bags.

Hello? Original VW Beetle? Your moment may have come.

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