Vivienne Westwood drives a tank to the prime minister’s house

Designer Vivienne Westwood is one of fashion’s great showstoppers, so it stands to reason that she would bring those same production values to just about anything she does — even protesting. (What, do you expect her to paint a sign and picket like some kind of plebeian?).

No. When Westwood, 74, wants to drive a point home (in this case, the environmental dangers of fracking), she does it with a tank, reports Great Britain’s Guardian. (An actual, literal armored personnel carrier, painted white like a baby grand piano. Because desert digital camouflage is so 2007.).

She rolled it right up to the home of British Prime Minister David Cameron in Oxfordshire, where she joined a group of protestors in gas masks calling on the government to impose stricter regulations on the controversial drilling practice.

Imagine the look Cameron’s face when he peeked out the window and saw this coming up the driveway.

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