Video shows Charles Oakley surrounded on ground after reportedly punching 3 security guards

Knicks legend Charles Oakley wasn’t just kicked out for yelling at owner James Dolan. He was surrounded, detained and arrested for reportedly punching three security guards.

This phone video via SportsBlogNewYork shows the ugly scene at Madison Square Garden – though the language isn’t all audible, some NSFW language can be made out:.

To be clear, the video shows no direct police brutality, nor does it show the reason for Oakley ending up on the ground. But that question may be answered via New York’s ABC affiliate:.

The Knicks’ response to the incident said Oakley was “completely abusive.”.

The justice system now can work out the particulars, if the Knicks or any people involved decide to press charges.

A #FreeOakley movement already has started.

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