Usain Bolt races onto ‘Temple ‘Run 2’

Usain Bolt races onto 'Temple 'Run 2'
Speedster Usain Bolt is now a character in 'Temple Run 2.'
  • Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt is now a character in %27Temple Run 2.%27.
  • Players can add Bolt to their game for 99 cents for a limited time.
  • Bolt is faster and attracts coins as he runs in the game.
  • Usain Bolt has pulled another fast one: he’s become a character in the popular Temple Run 2 game.

    Clad in his Jamaican track uniform, the Bolt character is available today as an in-app purchase in the game for 99 cents on iOS and Android devices. Although the game, which has topped 500 million downloads, has had tie-ins to Disney films Brave and Oz in the past, this is the first branded character available for Temple Run.

    In the game, Bolt has special abilities that let him run faster than other characters while engaging the coin magnet at the same time. Bolt says he is a fan of the game and plays it while he travels. To see himself actually in the game, “is fun and a little crazy,” says Bolt, interviewed via email. “People always tweeted at me and told me what a great fit my character would be in Temple Run, so finally seeing myself in the game is epic.”.

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    For the games developers, Bolt was a natural. “This seemed like the most obvious and fitting partnership,” says co-founder Keith Shepherd in a statement announcing the Bolt update. “Personally, we are huge Bolt fans and watched him race to gold last year in London. We cannot think of a better personality and role model to represent the game and encourage our players to keep running.”.

    More comments from Bolt, who most consider the fastest sprinter ever and who is preparing for the World Championships in Moscow beginning Aug. 10:.

    Q: How did you get connected with the Temple Run developers?A: Imangi contacted my team about being a unique character in the game. My response: make it happen ASAP!

    Q: What’s it about Temple Run that makes it addictive?A: For me I think its just simple, fun and energetic. And it makes you feel you can run forever while skipping over and under all the various obstacles.

    Q: Do you play the game and on what device(s)?A: I have a few different types of mobile handsets and Temple Run is on them all.

    Q: Are you a big video gamer? Any other favorites you would like to tell us about?A: Yes, I love video games, they help me relax after a hard days training. One of the many titles I play is Call of Duty.

    Q: What’s your goal at the Worlds?A: To win three gold medals.

    Q: I saw your comments about recent doping issues with track. How much does that bother you?A: I have to ignore it and focus on what I do best. It’s the talent I was born with that makes my fans happy.

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