Tom Brady challenges LeBron James to a hockey shootout during Twitter Q&A

Now that Tom Brady has put this thought into our minds, we need this to happen.

Late Monday night, LeBron James was answering questions on Twitter during an impromptu Q&A, as one does when they’re bored online. James provided some neat answers — such as what his favorite movies are and whether he prefers cake or pie — in a chill, low-key format.

It didn’t take long for Brady to jump in on the fun and ask LeBron a question of his own. The question? If LeBron would face off against Brady in a five-round hockey shootout to determine who would win, of course!

Seriously, what are the odds Tom Brady was surfing Twitter during LeBron’s Q&A!?

Of course, a handful of NHL teams had to throw their hats in the ring to host this dream matchup. First up, the two-time reigning Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning in Brady’s current home city:.

The Dallas Stars, who were eliminated from the NHL playoff Sunday night, threw in a plug for their goalie, who was absolutely stellar in the net despite the overtime loss:.

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And of course, Ohio’s NHL team had to weigh in because, LeBron:.

James finally did respond to Brady’s hypothetical challenge with a hilarious answer, picking himself to win:.

Who do we have to turn to to make this happen?

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