‘Room’ star Brie Larson so gets Jacob Tremblay’s #HotDad

'Room' star Brie Larson so gets Jacob Tremblay's #HotDad
Jason Tremblay is bringing it to awards season.

Seems that Internet fans are not the only admirers of Room star Jacob Tremblay’s studly dad Jason.

The Vancouver police detective has been causing waves since he’s been spotted showing his adorable kid, 9-year-old Jacob, around awards seasons.

Jason was truly uncovered online after appearing at the Golden Globes last month, but Academy Award-nominated Room star Brie Larson says she’s been seeing the real, hunky thing like foreva.

Why Jacob Tremblay’s Critics’ Choice speech was the cutest thing ever.

Larson said at the Academy Award Nominees Luncheon on Monday:.

“It’s been going on quietly for a while. And it’s really amazing that the Internet has finally caught on.”

Larson even pointed out to the media that #HotDad Jason was actually on the grounds at the Beverly Hilton. She set off the #HotDad alarm.

“He’s here. Just so everyone is aware. Hot Dad is here!”

Larson naturally has good words for Jacob as well. The kid is turning into the true star of awards season, even if he was totally snubbed at the nominations.

“I am better person for knowing him. I got to go through this experience, really shot through the stratosphere with him. His perception of the world, that innocence, that lightness that he brings to movies, it’s the same thing he brings to actual life.”

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