Miranda Lambert reveals bandmates invited Brendan Mcloughlin to concert ‘behind my back’

Miranda Lambert has her bandmates to thank for her relationship with husband Brendan Mcloughlin.

In a Q&A with The New York Times, the 35-year-old singer revealed how she met the man she announced she married on Instagram in February.

“I met my husband doing press for the Pistol Annies record, this time last year,” Lambert told the outlet. “Our record came out the day after Halloween, and we did ‘Good Morning America.’ My husband was doing security there for the show.”.

Something about Mcloughlin caught the attention of the other members of the musical trio, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley.

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“My girlfriends, the Annies, saw him and knew I might be ready to hang out with someone,” said Lambert. “They invited him to our show behind my back. They plucked him for me.

“My security guy Tom, he was in on it too,” she continued. “He said to me, ‘He’s here. And he’s pretty.’ (Laughs) Now the Pistol Annies have three husbands, two ex-husbands, three children, a stepson and 23 animals. We’ve done a lot in nine years!”.

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In her wedding announcement earlier this year, Lambert gushed over her new husband.

“I met the love of my life. And we got hitched!” She told followers at the time. “My heart is full. Thank you Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for…. Me. ❤️ #Theone”.

Months later, in June, Lambert opened up to “Extra” about life with her spouse and her new role as a stepmom.

“My stepson is amazing,” she said. “I’m loving that whole phase, and I’ve raised a million dogs, so I feel like I’ve got that part of my womanly/motherly thing is full, so this is a whole new journey. It’s great.”.

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