Many question release of torture report: #tellusatoday

Many question release of torture report: #tellusatoday
The use of torture by the CIA was more brutal than the agency had disclosed, according to a recent report.

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The Senate Intelligence Committee is a misnomer. How does anyone with intelligence decide to release a CIA report that would inflame tensions and put American lives in danger worldwide?

The public does not need to be privy to everything that goes on in the government, especially when it comes to national security. The Obama administration is out of touch with reality for supporting the report’s release.

John O. Parmele Jr.; Virginia Beach.

With the release of the Senate CIA torture report, the only thing that becomes entirely clear is the inability of Congress to oversee the executive branch of government and its interaction with the CIA.

Only now do we begin to understand the ability of these intelligence agencies to exercise their own agenda and methods for intelligence gathering without being held accountable.

If we can take anything away from this chapter, it is how ineffectual governmental oversight is. We also see the latitude that the government enjoys when it comes to avoiding criminal fallout or political injury.

This report opens up obvious questions as to how other programs are being exercised by our intelligence agencies, and brings troubling questions about the conduct of our entire democracy.

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Michael Murphy; Cave Creek, Ariz.

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This is not what I expected the CIA report to say, but I still have to question releasing it and putting Americans overseas at risk. There may have been a huge CIA problem, especially since torture forced false confessions and sent the intelligence community on wild goose chases. However, the enemy is beheading people.

–Bruce Mort.

The report is a very disturbing indictment of an agency that quietly tortured prisoners while misleading a president.


America, the alleged standard-bearer for human rights, ran wild for a number of years violating rights, and the violations didn’t even work. Maybe it’s time we were knocked down a few pegs, and shown our own colors.

–Megan Justice.

They should have waited to release the report. We’re dealing with Islamic State terrorism right now, and it’s dangerous.


Do we have a treaty with barbarians that restricts the kinds of tactics we can use against them? These groups have no country claiming them. Political wars are fought in board rooms. But real wars that are fought on the ground have just one goal: keeping our country safe.

–Gil Bert.

So we kept these suspected terrorists up at night, beat them, waterboarded them. If it means the world might be a little safer, then we should use torture. If we need to use torture, we should keep it quiet.

–Todd Gac.

The U.N. Convention Against Torture, which the U.S. Ratified, requires states to prevent torture, and forbids states to transport people to a country where they might be tortured.

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–Dick Wilson.

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