Mandi recs ‘Frost Burned,’ ‘Velocity,’ ‘Winterblaze’

Mandi recs 'Frost Burned,' 'Velocity,' 'Winterblaze'

Today my recommendations are a mix of urban fantasy, contemporary male/male and paranormal historical from a series I love.

Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs (urban fantasy). This is book seven in what is one of the absolute best urban fantasy series out there. In this installment, Mercy and Adam are happily married, but that doesn’t mean their lives are drama free. Adam and his pack get captured by a group of human radicals. Mercy, never one to sit in the background, grabs her friend Kyle, werewolf Ben and, with some help from vampire Stefan, they make a plan to get Adam and his pack out of danger. This book is full of action and well-written dialogue. As always, I’m so impressed with how Patricia Briggs writes her urban fantasy world. The political struggles the werewolves face and the dynamic between their violent werewolf side compared with their human side are so well done. I highly recommend this series and that you start from the beginning with Moon Called. (Check out HEA contributor Jessie Potts’ rec for Frost Burned.).

Velocity by Amelia C. Gormley (contemporary m/m). This is the third book in the Impulse trilogy that follows shy handyman Derrick and his accountant lover, Gavin. When they first met in book one, Derrick had been celibate for 10 years and a bit of a loner. Gavin had just come out of a controlling relationship and worried his former partner could have infected him with HIV. In this final book, it is a few months after they start dating. Gavin is about ready to have his six-month HIV test and worries that if it comes back positive, Derrick will flee, no matter how many times Derrick reassures him he is in it for the long haul. This author does a nice job giving depth to relationship, hitting some serious issues yet still making it very romantic and very, very sexy. I love how bashful Derrick is, and the slightly dominant yet still vulnerable Gavin works well for me. This trilogy should be read in order to get the full scope of their relationship.

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Winterblaze by Kristen Callihan (paranormal historical). The third book in this fabulous series (although these can be read as stand-alones) gives us a couple who have been married for 14 years but has faced troubles in recent months. Winston has learned that supernaturals exist and, worse, his wife runs an organization that keeps track of supernatural rogues. He is hurt she has this entire life that he wasn’t aware of. They separate for a few months, but neither is in a happy place. When a demon threatens Winston, Poppy rushes to Winston’s side to keep him safe. They reluctantly work together, but soon their passion brings them back together, and their trust rebuilds. Although they have been married for years, their reunion is a very sexy one. I adored both characters, and it’s a fun dynamic exploring an already established hero and heroine. I highly recommend all three books in this series and can’t wait for more.

Mandi Schreiner started romance review blog Smexy Books in 2009. She is obsessed with reading romance novels and collecting fictional boyfriends.

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