Government’s role in airport security? #tellusatoday

Government's role in airport security? #tellusatoday

Privatize airport security? A recent commentary suggested that and more (“Abolish the TSA: Column”). Here’s what readers on Facebook and Twitter thought. Comments are edited for clarity and grammar:.

Holiday travelers go through airport security at the Indianapolis International Airport last month.

What a bunch of whining over a system that was designed to increase security after 9/11 . (Remember “never forget”?) I travel two to three times a year. Even with a lot of luggage, I don’t find airport security to be worth all the gnashing of teeth and drama I have read about.

Honestly, if it’s that terrible for you to take your shoes off and walk through a scanner, stay home. More overhead compartment room for me.

— Frances Harvey.

Privatization is absolutely crazy. It’s just another way for low-bid contractors to hire minimum-wage employees and pocket money.

— @UrbnWildLifeMan.

TSA privatization should be studied, but the real issues are empowerment and universal respect of the necessity.

— @BrentBrentl.

The government should be acting as a referee. It clearly stinks at being a player. Why is this so hard for the left to grasp?

— Robert Swanson.

Am I to believe that profit motive of a private security firm’s CEO is going to trickle down to a security guard being more alert, more astute and more vigilant at airline checkpoints?

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— Rick Abruzzo.

Yes, the motive does trickle down. It is why you get better service in the private sector.

When companies treat their customers poorly, they give better service or are replaced. It is partly why Southwest Airlines has taken lots of business from the legacy airlines.

The government should regulate the security provided by airlines and leave it at that. It would cost less and improve the flying experience.

— David Dingley.

Everyone complains about the TSA until there is an attack, and then they cry there is not enough security.

— @Notpcguy58.

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