Cloud service Box tweaks plans to target small business

Cloud service Box tweaks plans to target small business
A breakdown of some of the plans offered by Box.

Cloud storage service Box is expanding its selection of subscription plans in a new push to attract small- and mid-sized businesses.

Box is adding a Starter plan for $5 a month per user, for up to 10 users, that grants 100 GB of cloud-based file storage. Also, users with personal accounts will receive an upgrade to 10 GB.

The company has also agreed to a distribution deal with AT&T to offer box to enterprise customers of the telecommunications giant.

The revamped plans are part of Box’s efforts at attracting smaller businesses, which are expected to spend $1 trillion for information technology, says CEO Aaron Levie.

“The cloud is driving the ability for small and medium businesses to finally have best-in-class technology to run their business off of,” says Levie. “When we look at that at Box, we want to make sure we’re more aggressively going after this market.”.

Box is one of several cloud-based services that have surged in popularity among individuals and businesses. The company hosts 20 million users, including big companies such as Gap, Procter & Gamble and the AARP. Sales at Box have jumped 150% in the past year.

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Although the company hosts several large firms, Levie wants to reach out further to smaller companies.

“It’s an exciting time to be a small business because you can use the same technologies that companies 100 or 1,000 times your size are running,” says Levie. “We think there’s new potential for small business innovation.”.

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